“As a resident of the world of design since birth, I’d like to take some time to celebrate some of the people and things in that world that I admire. I hope you come along for the ride. And, as my name has really taken a beating these last couple of years, -thank you Mr. Bezos, - feel free to think of me here by my nickname: Lex. And, please also enjoy this completely un-recognizable and years old headshot.” - Alexa Hampton

Charlotte Moss

Charlotte Moss

photo by Pieter Estersohn

photo by Pieter Estersohn

If you could have a second home anywhere, where would you live? I would restore a chateau or Villa in France or Italy and run the best B&B!

What are three words to describe your style? Informed, Classic, Elegant

Tell us about your childhood bedroom? The room I remember was yellow, blue and green gingham I bought with my babysitting money. With a few acquired skills from Home Ec class and my mother a wiz at the sewing machine, we had a field-day.

What’s the first investment piece you ever bought for your house? As a teen I bought an Oak Hall Tree at a country auction.

In the history of design, if you could hire any designer other than yourself, who would it be?  I’m schizophrenic, Mongiardino for sure and Van Day Truex to help me edit, if I even thought that was possible.

No room is complete without atmosphere.

People think of me as a classicist but I am really a bohemian at heart, a child 

of the 70’s. 

Things you omit from:

  • A flower arrangement – Why would I omit a flower?

  • An hors d’oeuvre platter – I don’t do hors d’oeuvre’s

  • A bar cabinet – Nothing! You never know what one of your guests will request.

A song for: 

  • Dinner at home – I love great piano, Abel Korzeniowski and Ludovico Einaudi

  • Working at your desk – Usually some sort of soul sister belting it out, take your pick!

  • Going for a run – Pitbull

If you were on an Ambien high and internet shopping, what would you buy?  More vintage Yves Saint Laurent.

Do your clothes reflect your design sensibility, if so, how?  Streamlined, vintage clothes and accessories, a muted palette.  I love camels, browns and navy – and you cant be a New Yorker without black!

Who is your star crush? For starters, Colin Firth, Bradley Cooper, Christian Bale – pick one!

What is the thing you would never do on a project, but don’t detest when you see others do it?  Minimalism. Because it stops me, makes me think. I appreciate a lot of it, but yes, I could not do it.

If there were a fire, and you could only keep one design book, what would it be?  Something very visual, like Interiors by Horst.

For posterity, what would you like your work to be known for?  Exuberant, hospitable and memorable.

photo by Eric Striffler

photo by Eric Striffler

A Few Favorites: 

  • Movie: Lawrence of Arabia

  • Book: Its impossible to name one, I read a lot. If you want a list that’s another story.

  • Scent: Any fragrance by Dominique Ropion or Jean Claude Ellena, like Portrait of a Lady or Poivre Samarcande

  • The fabric you always come back to: A gorgeous rustling silk canvas.

  • Dream project: is for a dream client!

  • Meal: with friends!

  • Drink: An ice cold martini straight up – a little dirty.

  • Hotel: La Reserve in Paris or Hotel du Cap Eden Roc

  • Travel Destination: I love to travel period. So wherever I’m traveling to next, Buongiorno!

  • Artist: A large orientalist painting is on my wishlist. 

  • Thing to collect obsessively: Chairs

  • Era in the history of design: If I had to pick it would have to be the Directoire period, but I love mixing from all. 

  • Museum: The Louvre because you can get lost for days.

  • Paint color that always look great: Farrow & Ball Verte de Terre #234

  • Favorite person to follow on Instagram: Miguel Flores Vianna

  • Dogs, Cats, or No Pets? Dogs only, please!

Kathryn M. Ireland

Kathryn M. Ireland

Kate Rheinstein Brodsky

Kate Rheinstein Brodsky