“As a resident of the world of design since birth, I’d like to take some time to celebrate some of the people and things in that world that I admire. I hope you come along for the ride. And, as my name has really taken a beating these last couple of years, -thank you Mr. Bezos, - feel free to think of me here by my nickname: Lex. And, please also enjoy this completely un-recognizable and years old headshot.” - Alexa Hampton

Darryl Carter

Darryl Carter

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If you could have a second home anywhere, where would you live? I do, it is my office.

Tell us about your childhood bedroom? Small and uninteresting, however I managed to reinvent it dexterously and my parents finally discovered that sending me to my room was not my punishment, it was actually theirs.

What’s the first investment piece you ever bought for your house? I have accidentally purchased a few very good pieces of art as it turns out. 

In the history of design, if you could hire any designer other than yourself, who would it be? I would never hire me because I would be a pain in the ass as a client.

No room is complete in general.

People think of me as social, but I am really not.

Things you omit from:

  • A flower arrangement Hate me some calla lilies.

  • An hors d’oeuvre platter Pigs in a blanket.

  • A bar cabinet Booze should be accessible and not in a cabinet.

A song for: 

  • Dinner at home Mash-up of classical and jazz.

  • Working at your desk Classical, violin, cello.

  • Going for a run Hard rock, 1970s issue.

Biggest Vice? That I have no vices.

If you were on an Ambien high and internet shopping, what would you buy? Once upon a time I bought a revolving door that is used to enter my gym now, that was great in theory, but quite an exercise in infrastructure.

What is the thing you would never do on a project, but don’t detest when you see others do it?  I am forever challenged to do things I would never do.

If there were a fire, and you could only keep one design book, what would it be?  Think I would choose my dog over a book.

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A Few Favorites: 

  • The fabric you always come back to: Linen.

  • Meal: Fish cooked in garlic, onions and butter.

  • Drink: Tequila and iced tea equals balanced equilibrium.

  • Travel Destination: Mexico City.

  • Artist: Igor Mitoraj, Purvis Young.

  • Thing to collect obsessively: Watches.

  • Era in the history of design: Louis XIV, George III and Eames.

  • Museum: Glenstone, my maiden, hidden gem close to our nation’s capital.

  • Dogs, Cats, or No Pets? German Pointer, and a stout mutt (currently missing the stout mutt).

Markham Roberts

Markham Roberts

Philip Mitchell

Philip Mitchell