“As a resident of the world of design since birth, I’d like to take some time to celebrate some of the people and things in that world that I admire. I hope you come along for the ride. And, as my name has really taken a beating these last couple of years, -thank you Mr. Bezos, - feel free to think of me here by my nickname: Lex. And, please also enjoy this completely un-recognizable and years old headshot.” - Alexa Hampton

Douglas Friedman

Douglas Friedman

photography by douglas friedman

photography by douglas friedman

Tell us about your childhood bedroom? I shared a room with my twin brother. In order to avoid any conflict, my mother designed us a bedroom where the left side (mine) was the mirror image on the right side (my evil twin). We could even put a tape line down the center of the room and the two halves were identical.

What’s the first investment piece you ever bought for your house? A black plywood chair by Donald Judd.

In the history of design, if you could hire any designer other than yourself, who would it be? Elsie De Wolf  

No room is complete without something completely inappropriate.

Things you omit from:

  • A flower arrangement: Babies Breath

  • An hors d’oeuvre platter: Baby Carrots

  • A bar cabinet: Jagermeister

A song for: 

  • Dinner at home: Cigarettes After Sex. The album

  • Working at your desk: Harvest Moon by Poolside

  • Going for a run: Los Angeles by St. Vincent

If you were on an Ambien high and internet shopping, what would you buy?  This happened to me just recently and I ended up with a very expensive drone.

Do your clothes reflect your design sensibility, if so, how?  Not at all. I might look a bit awkward if this were the case.

Who is your star crush? Jeff Bridges in Against All Odds

What is the thing you would never do on a project, but don’t detest when you see others do it?  Chintz

If there were a fire, and you could only keep one design book, what would it be? A first edition of “Entertaining” by Martha Stewart

What are three words to describe your style? Untethered, Provocative yet playful, Resourceful 

 People think of me as a bit thuggish, but I am really just a big kid.

 For posterity, what would you like your work to be known for? Its’ thoughtful and thought-provoking approach.

photography by douglas friedman

photography by douglas friedman

A Few Favorites

Movie: Looker

Book: The Secret History

Scent: Delirium of Desire by Nagual Marfa

The fabric you always come back to: Washed linen

Dream project: Versace Home

Meal: Burger and fries

Drink: Ranch Water (Anjeo Tequila, topo chico and lime)

Hotel: Shanti Mani Wild. Cambodia

Travel Destination: Mustique Island

Artist: Robert Irwin

Thing to collect obsessively: Trees and cactus

Era in the history of design: 1980’s

Museum: The Chinati Foundation

Paint Color that always look great: Benjamin Moore Studio White 

Favorite person to follow on Instagram: @shehashadit

Dogs, Cats, or No Pets? Chihuahuas

Kevin Sharkey

Kevin Sharkey

Nate Berkus

Nate Berkus